Play Tactical Assassin 2

Gun? Check. Target? Check. Breathe in, exhale and shoot. These are the things you will do when you play Tactical Assassin 2. This second instalment of the free online game puts you in the place of a sniper. As you guessed, you will do missions in which you need to take them out as efficiently as you can. Using an array of weapons, every level will have its own unique difficulty rating and you will have to rely on your shooting skills to make every shot count.

Shooting games come and go, but Tactical Assassin 2 is a title that you will remember for a long time. Here’s why:

The game is very bloody, and if you are the type who enjoys gore with titles you play, then this is an opportunity you surely should not miss out on. You start off with the very basic of weapons, but eventually you will be able to upgrade your guns and accessories with the money you get from completing contracts. Of course, you will be briefed with intelligence information on who your next targets are and how you can complete them. This game will have you believe that you are a real contract killer from the level of professionalism with its design as well as game play!