Tactical Assassin 2 Cheats

The Many Tactical Assassin 2 Cheats

Tactical Assassin 2 is one of those titles that is really unique. It has a fun premise, a different idea attached to it, and there is a lot of tactics inserted into it as well. At the same time, the quality almost rivals its AAA counterparts. Of course, that only means that the game also has a bit of difficulty attached to it. Some people will surely find this as a bonus, but the thing here is that others might have a harder time enjoying the game. For those that find the challenge is too much, don’t fret because there are tons Tactical Assassin 2 cheats that will get you through each level with much ease.

The Easier Way to get to Certain Levels

As was reiterated several times before, this game requires a bit of speed and tactics in taking out enemies. Each shot means you need to reload a new shell, and that takes time. This is the dimension of challenge that will make people with slower response times suffer. So if you find that you are stuck on certain levels, you can always use these cheats to get through any problematic level. Typing in these codes unlocks each level you want to get to, so you can expect that typing any of these in will result in an immediate jump through the levels. For level one, which is probably the easiest one anyway, what you need to type in is “TRUSTED,” “BROTHER,” “LEADER,” and “SPADES” will unlock the succeeding levels in that order. It is suggested, however to hold off on the rest of the codes because the rest of the missions really do require a little more finesse when performing them. If you jump to them immediately, you will have a hard time finishing the objectives set before you. Not to mention you won’t be able to buy any new rifles and equipment, which will severely hamper your ability to fight.


However, if you really want to get to those levels, then these codes will unlock the hardest levels in the game. “PLANES”, “BROKEN”, “TALKER”, and “BOMBER” will unlock these levels and from there, the tactics really are compounded with great equipment. Remember though, no matter which level you are, you can input these codes and you’ll be zapped to the intended level. You will still start off at the objectives screen, but you will find that you have no money to purchase any gear. Proceed only if you have full confidence that you won’t need the extra help.


Raising the Ammo Count

Another great cheat for those that have a hard time picking their shots is the Ammo cheat. There is no formal code to this one, and instead is totally dependent on a glitch. Some version of this game will probably be patched, so if you can’t use it then that means your game will be unable to do it anyway. When you start the game, click play and pass a few levels. After which, refresh the browser then fill out the space where your name is required. Once that is done, press the reset button instead of the continue button. Clicking this button again and again should raise your ammo count to beyond Six rounds, which will then carry over to other levels. As a side note, one should not click the button excessively because you might cause the game to lag.