Tactical Assassin 2 Walkthrough

Tactical Assassin 2 Walkthrough: Clearing All Level Objectives

There are tons of reasons why Tactical Assassin is so addictive and even though it is short, it still provides a lot of challenge for any player with any kind of background. At the same time, it also has a really unique, in that you can only see through your scope. That attention to detail makes the game reminiscent to that arcade shooter called “Sniper”, where you have a huge rifle as a controller. The difference between the two, however, is that this one focuses more on accurate shooting and tactics, rather than gunning down multitudes of enemies. That slight difference really makes this game a more unique experience, but once again, it is harder than you think so that is why you’ll need a Tactical Assassin 2 walkthrough.

The Basic Walkthrough

There are 9 major missions in this title. The first few should be a breeze to get through, although they need a little thinking on your part. If you want to pass each level with a great score, one major thing to remember is to never hit anyone besides the target and his or her allies. Civilian kills will earn you less each time you make the mistake, so remember to think through each attack you take. Another thing to remember is that your ammo on a mission is usually limited to the gun you have upgraded to. The vanilla weapon only has six rounds, so if you miss, you will regret it.  Perfecting missions is just as hard as it may seem because the game really does put some effort in design and ideas. Some targets will remain moving, and others can be taken out along with any other target with one bullet. The key here is understanding just how this can work by observing your target and having the right weapon for the job. Once you achieve a perfect kill, you will have much more cash to spend on better gear.

The Last Few Missions

Perhaps some of the hardest missions in the game are the one that come later on. The difficulty ramps up, and you will find yourself confused as to which target is which. Mission 4 has you looking for the right time to take out the target. He will often be obscured by columns so tracing his movements will be key to your hit. He will be walking from left to right, and if you take too long the target will leave. For this mission, it might be a good idea to use some diazepam to steady your aim.

For mission 7, you might notice that your target is busy entertaining himself with TV. Your shot is obscured by a wall, and no matter how many round you shoot you won’t break that wall down. Instead of concentrating on that, look to the roof and check out the satellite dish he has installed up there. Take that out, reload, and wait for him to reveal himself on the roof. You are then cleared to make the hit


Mission 9 takes a harder twist because even though your target is out in the open, you’ll have to be stealthier. The first thing you have to do is distract the guard by shooting the tree next to him. Once that is done, you have to trace the movements of the bomber you are protecting, and shoot the bottle to distract any forces ahead of him. The last thing you have to do is to take out the fuse box next to you actual target. This will allow the bomber to plant the explosive next to the care that will end the game.