Tactical Assassin 3

Tactical Assassin has a lot going for it as a free game. It has shooting, an upgrade and purchase system, and ideas that aren’t found in a lot of other titles. Individually, these elements are considered played out, but when you mix a specific type of tactics in it, you get a much better game. It also makes it a must to try Tactical Assassin 3 among the other iterations it has.

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If you really are a budget game player, then you can’t overlook any title something unique comes along in the flash game section. The truth here is that there are tons of games that do come out, but as with any trend, a lot them are derivative of much more established games. There are shooters that try to be the first person shooters, tactical physics games that try to be Angry Birds, and puzzlers that work like bejeweled. The flat fact of it is that there is a lack of anything with a new idea. Tactical Assassin tries to buck that trend by being about a sniper. A lot of the game is set around one position, a sniper roost if you will, and you are limited in your vision. You can only see as much as your scope will allow, and targets are often moving, or are hidden behind different obstacles.


The tactics start to show around those times, because a lot of missions require you to think about your environment. There actually is a mission where people had the hardest time finding a solution to the contract. The infamous mission 9 had you protect someone rather than take out a target. These unique elements make the game more appealing, rather than being just a straight forward shooter. Of course there are the missions that aren’t really new, and all the require you to do is to shoot the target. This game has had many sequels for a reason. At the same time, they’re pretty good sequels because they keep adding on more missions with each new game. A lot of them are unique and test your reflexes even more.

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The upgrade system is a light one, but the addition of new rifles, which are faster in reloading, or are more stable in shooting adds a little more replayability. You can try all of the rifles on stock and at the same time you can improve them with bi-pods or better scopes. There is also the matter of Diazepam that allows you to increase your accuracy. Planning out just what you need to buy is also a big part of the game.

Overall, it’s surprising how much this little title can impress in the way of gameplay mechanics. Since there are sequels, you can also keep yourself busy for more than a few minutes. It really is one of those titles that keep you coming back for a new session. Of course, at some point you will memorize too much of that game, but it is a great run while it lasts. It’s free and all you have to do is to look up a great site, so don’t miss out on the game.