Tactical Assassin 4

Tactical Assassin 4 – Tactical Assassin Substratum main objectives are to kill assigned targets, as swiftly and as deceitfully as possible.

Game Controls

Use your mouse to aim at your target, while the left mouse button is for firing.

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How to Play the Tactical Assassin 4

There are 9 missions in this game with different targets. You are also entitled for additional points if you get to hit some easter eggs or easters.

Mission One: Breaking In

Code: Rookie

Easter egg: Notice a small can lying on the left next to the trash bin, shoot it for additional points.

Main objective: Shoot the man with a hat on the head.

Mission Two: Bait

Code: Luring

Easter egg: On the right, shoot the bird positioned on the fence.

Main Objective: Do not shoot the pizza delivery guy, instead, shoot the man that answers the door in the head.

Mission Three: Intersection

Code: Driver

Easter egg: Aim at the left set of traffic lights and shoot the bulb in the middle of them.

Main Objective: Wait for a pickup truck to arrive coming from the right, set a good aim on the driver, then shoot him from the driver’s window.

Tactical Assassin 4

Mission Four: Cellular

Code: Caller

Easter Egg: There are two sets of street signs on the right side of the door. Shoot the sign on the left side.

Main Objective: There are several men on a table inside a building. Shoot at the man who is answering to a phone call seated at the far left.

Mission Five: Patch Cutting

Code: Knifer

Easter Egg: None

Main Objective: This mission is a little bit tricky, so pay attention to the details. From behind the target, you will notice a red area on the target himself as well as a red line in motion. You are to kill three people here. Before you shoot at the target, wait for the red line to reach the red area and then shoot the target. Your patience will be tested at this event as you cannot finish the mission in just one attempt. But the good news is, if you get killed or detected, you will begin at the same target that have killed you, technically, you do not have to start the level all over again.

Mission Six: 24 Hour Watch

Code: Guards

Easter Egg: Shoot at the doorbell on the right side of the door.

Main Objective: Patiently wait for the guard to walk in front of the truck where the rest of the men cannot see him then that’s the right time for you to shoot. Then kill the guard on the far left and lastly, the one remaining standing.

Tactical Assassin - Stadium level

Mission Seven: The Races

Code: Horses

Easter Egg: Shoot at the extra bar on the rail to the right.

Main Objective: There are three men standing and crossing their arms occasionally. Kill the man in the middle.

Mission Eight: Motorcade

Code: Goauto

Easter Egg: On the left side, shoot at the bird positioned on the power line.

Main Objective: Wait for three cars to approach the scene coming from the right. Shoot first the car on the left through the driver’s window, when all the cars have stopped, shoot the car in the middle through its backseat window.

Mission Nine: Compromise

Code: Please

Easter Egg: Shoot the bottle situated above a man with a briefcase.

Main Objective: Shoot first the guy on the left, followed by the one beside him, and then lastly shoot the guy that will jump from behind.